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3 Pore Refining Skin Treatments - PORE MINIMIZING PART 3

The Nano Pen and the Cosmetic Skin Roller are two at home cosmetic treatments to keep your complexion refined and glowing.  To complement your at home routine, book an in-clinic dermal depth microneedling treatment a few times per year. 

Proven Ingredients that Increase your Skin Hydration - HYDRATION PART 2

The key to improving skin hydration is by increasing water content of the epidermis and replenishing lipids to reinstate the barrier function and reducing water loss.

9 Actives to Refine Your Pores - PORE MINIMIZING PART 2

Although there is no way to make your pores disappear, there are a number of skin care active ingredients that can help make them less noticeable.

9 Ways to Improve your Skin Barrier Function - BARRIER FUNCTION PART 2

The perfect skin care routine is the one that doesn’t damage the skin barrier in the first place.

Why do my pores look so big? - PORE MINIMIZING PART 1

In this filtered world of poreless beauty, a visible pore in real life is a common cosmetic concern for many people.  Although having visible pores may be annoying, it is perfectly normal and not a skin flaw.  Our pores play a vital role in the health and function of your...

Complete Lipids for Glowing Skin

A complete, balanced and non-greasy vital lipid serum to enhance the performance of water based actives and lock moisture in the skin.  An effective blend of botanical oils, ceramides and cholesterol to mimic the composition of your natural lipid barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss, reduce inflammation and diminish the signs of aging.

Why is it important to keep your skin hydrated? - HYDRATION PART 1

A dehydrated skin lacks sufficient water to function properly leading to sensitivity, irritation and redness.  If the barrier function is compromised, water evaporates from the skin, known as transepidermal water loss or TEWL.  

What's Going on in you Skin? - BARRIER FUNCTION PART 1

The key to healthy functioning skin is preserving and maintaining the skin’s barrier function. The barrier acts as our natural protection and is designed to keep helpful things in and harmful things out.

Benefits of Skin Rolling

Here's the 411 on skinVacious skin rolling and all it's benefits: Improves the appearance of skin tone, wrinkles, scarring & stretch marks Improves the appearance of skin conditions like rosacea Improves the overall appearance of the skin Diminishes the appearance of large pores, pigmentation, breakouts, sun damage, and dark under-eye circles Enhances the...