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How to use the Scalp Roller

Benefits of rolling your scalp?

The Cosmetic Scalp Roller invigorates the epidermal layer of the scalp and its natural biology by increasing microcirculation and creating thousands of micro-channels to allow vital nutrients to be more easily absorbed.

  • A workout for your scalp
  • Improves overall appearance of scalp skin
  • Creates microcirculation 
  • Increases the performance of hair care actives

How Often?

1-2 times per week for 10 minutes in the evening on dry hair

Divide the Scalp into 5 Sections

  1. Front top & hairline above the forehead
  2. Both sides above the ears
  3. Lower back of the scalp by hair line
  4. Upper back of the scalp by crown
  5. Top of head & Crown

How to Roll Your Scalp

  1. Create a part in the hair
  2. Roll back & forth, short strokes
  3. Along the part line 6 passes
  4. Across the part line 6 passes
  5. Create a new part line. Repeat.

How to roll your scalp - skinVacious

Rolling must be done along part lines with small short strokes in both vertical and horizontal directions. Each stroke is approx 2" in length along the part horizontally and 1" above and below the part line vertically. The strokes are a back and forth motion to avoid the hair from tangling in the roller.

For each section, you will be creating a series of parts in the hair, roll along the first part then create a new part and roll along it until the section is completed.

Start slowly, speed will come with practice. Ideally 4-6 rolls in each direction. The sensation is scratchy but as the skin gets used to it, the sensation will diminish.

Apply a layer Revive & Redensify followed by a layer of Restore as per How To Use instructions.

NOTE: You will feel the products when you apply them after rolling the scalp but it diminishes within 10-15 mins. If you do not like the sensation, you can either apply the Restore only immediately after or wait an hour then apply all of the products at that time.