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3 Key Principles of Dermarolling

by skinVacious |

3 Key Principles of Dermarolling


We’re baaaack… and we’re here to discuss the basics, the nuances, and the amazing benefits of #dermarolling! So, let’s start at the beginning. A question you get asked the most is probably something along the lines of what dermarolling actually is. In layperson’s terms, dermarolling – or skin rolling – is the process of rolling little micropoints across the skin in order to activate its biology. 

You might ask, what makes skinVacious’ approach a regimen to live by? Well, skinVacious uses a holistic method of stimulating the skin’s biology. The effect? The skin will function more efficiently and the efficacy of topical treatments’ active ingredients becomes enhanced. Skin rolling promotes healthy skin, naturally, via the following 3 Principles. 


 Principle 1: STIMULATE

The first Principle is to STIMULATE – as in, activate and prepare the skin’s surface. How? The skinVacious Skin Roller boosts circulation and oxygenation. 

Short microtips – 0.2-.0.3 mm in length – have a natural anti-inflammatory effect and can be used at home for reducing puffiness, and ultimately for improving the health and function of your skin. This is a very good thing, as inflammation is at the root of all signs of aging! 

At a length of 0.2mm, the skinVacious Personal Skin Roller is mild enough for daily use.  The more consistently a person uses their skinV Skin Roller, the more the skin will naturally respond. It’s like taking your skin to the gym and working it out for the sake of physical health and a stronger, more toned look. 


Principle 2: NOURISH

The second Principle is to NOURISH – as in, tend carefully to the skin after skin rolling. Using the skin roller in tandem with skinV products whose active ingredients provide essential vitamins and minerals will get the best results possible. This way, natural nutrients are applied to the skin to instigate the skin’s natural biology for rejuvenation. Ultimately, nourishing the skin with skinV’s nutrient-rich products will improve the overall long-term health of the skin while generating impressive results almost immediately. 

Note: Be mindful of what goes on the skin after, as not all skincare products were created for use with skin rolling. Concentrations can be too high, which can lead to irritation, inflammation, and/or sensitivity.


Principle 3: PROTECT

Lastly, we come to the third Principle – PROTECT. Pay close attention to Principle 3; after all that hard work on reigniting the skin’s natural beauty, it’s necessary to ensure the skin gets all the protection it needs in order to keep on glowing. 

When using a skinVacious Skin Roller, it’s important to maintain the skin’s barrier function. This will help prevent both unwanted moisture evaporation (drying) or external foreign material from entering the skin (clogging). The Essential Face Oil provides both nourishment and protection, serving to aid the natural barrier.


The Breakdown: 5 Reasons Skin Rolling is the Answer

1. Skin Rolling helps to reduce signs of aging by improving the general appearance of skin to be more even-toned and smooth. 

2. Improving the overall health and function of the skin via skin rolling brings out everyone’s natural beauty, both biologically and by improving the effectiveness of topical skincare products for brighter and healthier-looking skin. 

3. Healthier skin means diminished congestion and breakouts; get the benefit of younger-looking skin without the hormone-induced acne that haunted our teenage years.

4. Noting the impressive anti-inflammatory effects of a skinV Skin Roller, rolling helps to diminish dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. The effect is that of an inherently more radiant appearance, as the skin looks brighter and more awake!

5. Lastly, if someone struggles with large pores, the skinVacious Skin Roller is the answer as it diminishes the appearance of large pores to create a smoother, tighter facial surface.


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